Wealth Builder’s Workshop – $1 All Day Real Estate Investing Training

hi it's lou brown have you bought into the lie that if you don't have good credit or massive down payment that you can't buy a house or invest in real estate well i'm here to tell you that that's absolutely not true you absolutely can buy property and you can buy it either with zero down or even the seller pays you to buy their home now i've been doing this for over 40 years and right now is an incredible time to be interested in this business of real estate the reason i say that is i'm going into my fifth real estate cycle so as we look at cycles and we've all heard the term that real estate is cyclical well it certainly is and one of the reasons it's cyclical is because we see the banks ebb and flow in the type of financing that they do and uh there's crashes and burns in the economy and all of a sudden there's winners and losers and when those occur there's opportunity and never before have we seen such an opportunity facing us we've got millions of folks right now that are hurting that haven't been able to make their payments sooner or later the banks are going to foreclose and when they do oh my goodness it's going to be tremendous opportunity for us to buy those homes but wait there's more there's a way to buy those homes before the bank even forecloses and there's a way to buy those homes by taking over that existing financing on the property so that you don't have to go to the bank and you don't have to qualify for a loan now i've never been to the bank and i've never qualified for a loan on a single family or a small multi-family property so i'm definitely someone that can witness to you explain to you show you exactly what to do and exactly how to do it because we found the street smart way to invest in real estate is to stay out of banks and by that i mean that we can solve people's problems and solve our own needs as well by learning some techniques and some tools and some training and some technology that just doesn't exist out there in the other world in the other world of education so i'm gonna educate you i'm gonna make this available to you it's a one day workshop we call it wealth builder workshop and i'm going to give you a 99 discount how about that so in other words it's typically 99 for the day and i'm gonna make this available to you for one dollar now why would i do that well it's simply to let you know who i am what i do how i operate how i teach so that you can get a true sample of the education that i have to offer for you and during that workshop i'm going to give you an incredible amount of education in fact i'm going to give you a success pack that you can download it's going to have some forms and it's going to give you some things that we're going to do during the class so you're going to have takeaways ahas you're going to have an action plan you're going to have a calendar there's going to be steps that you're going to take as a result of going to this one day workshop so it is chock-a-block full we have a networking session before we get started and then i start and i teach and i teach and i teach all the way up to we end and then we're going to go into even a happy hour session so that you can ask questions and connect with other members of the audience it's a it's a full day of education i'm going to teach you how to buy right how to buy cheap but most importantly how to find a customer for that property before you even buy the property and then i'm going to talk to you about the difference between wholesaling and holding long term and how you can make a little bit of money or you can make a whole lot of money and it's going to be real live examples it's going to be things that you can take away real numbers that you can sink your teeth into you're going to understand it's not theoretical we're going to go step by step through the process and in fact i'm going to end the day with protecting all that you create using trusts land trust and personal property trust so there's some deep education that i'm going to share with you and i'm looking forward to seeing you at the one day wealth builder workshop now you're going to see the details right here and it's going to cost you a grand total of one dollar and i hope you'll find that it was worth many hundreds of thousands of times that investment so i'm looking forward to being the best return on investment you've ever had and my name is lou brown been at this game for over 40 years and i look forward to seeing you soon yeah baby

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