The Path To Own Your Freedom with David Phelps & Jay Conner, The Private Money Authority

are you a new real estate investor and you're still struggling to get your first deal because you just don't have the money to fund your deal or are you a wholesaler you've gotten some assignment fees but there's some deals you want to stay in but you can't because you don't have the funding or are you a seasoned real estate investor and you just want more funding to do more deals with really super cheap interest rates if you answered yes to any of those questions don't go anywhere because i'm getting ready to plug you into the money well welcome to another episode of the private money academy podcast i'm your host jay connor also known as the private money authority and as i said i'm getting ready to plug you into the money and funding for your deals regardless of where you are in your real estate investing career also if you've been tuning into the show you know that for quite a while i've been having just some amazing guests and experts come on and join me here on the podcast well today is no exception i've got a very very dear friend of mine we're also a fellow mastermind member and he is going to be pulling the curtain back and talking about how you can really enjoy your own freedom but before i introduce my guest i've got a free gift for you just for being here on the show and that is i just recently released my new book which is titled where to get the money now how and where to get money for your real estate deals without relying on hard money or traditional lenders this book will share with you exactly how i got over two million dollars in less than 90 days when i lost my lines of credit with the banks all the way back to 2009 it will show you step by step how to get funding how to make the rules for your loans and how not to rely on any traditional lenders and i'm not talking hard money i'm talking about easy access to more money than you can use to fund your deals i'd love to autograph a copy of it and ship it right out to you just cover shipping and you can get it at j a www.jayconnorjay c o n n e r dot com forward slash book that's www dot j connor j a y c o n n e r dot com forward slash book and we'll rush that right out to you well my good friend and guest today years ago he owned and he managed a private practice dental office had that for over 20 21 years or so well while he was still in dental school before opening up his practice he began his real estate investing career by creatively joint venturing with his father on their very first rental property now this goes all the way back to 1980.

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so after they did that first property three years later in just a few short three years my guest and friend sold the property and he took his 25 000 gain share from the joint venture with his father and he leveraged it into 31 properties that ended up producing a 15 000 monthly net cash flow not bad to be printing money and getting positive cash flow right well everything was going along well life was fantastic the sky was the limit until something happened and there was a dark day when david's daughter jenna was diagnosed unfortunately with leukemia now in the midst of the cancer treatments the epilepsy and ultimately jenna ended up getting a liver transplant david made the very critical and crucial decision to leave his clinical practice so that he could spend every moment that he had with his daughter now david's back-up plan or his plan b that's that rental portfolio of cash flow i just talked about it gave him the freedom to focus 100 on really what mattered the most to him and that's his daughter jenna well the good news is jenna won the battle with the disease and david to this day still enjoys the freedom to cherish every moment with her that he can now today my good friend is a nationally recognized speaker on creating freedom building real businesses and investing in real estate he also helps other logical rational professionals become dreamers and then helps them strategically manifest those dreams into freedom so under my friend's leadership he runs what's called the freedom founders mastermind community and his members grow exponentially year by year providing the pathway to freedom for many professional practice owners he's got a brand new book out that we're going to be talking about titled own your freedom and with that i want to welcome to the show my dear friend and fellow mastermind member mr david or dr david phelps should i say welcome david well jay it's such a pleasure and honor to be with you today thanks for hosting me on your podcast absolutely i've i've been trying to get you on but between your schedule and my schedule has taken us a little bit of time to get you on but i'm just so glad to have you on we want to talk about your new book we want to talk about your mastermind but and we want to talk about that monthly cash flow and all that kind of stuff but before we get into it take us all the way back to that first deal that you and your father did and how is it that the two of you got into real estate yeah great uh great start jay well i was i was going to through college right to get uh into dental school handling the prerequisites but i always had a curiosity about how could i be a good steward of money now money i didn't have because i'm in college i'm waiting tables actually to try to keep the the debt load down right going through school but i was thinking about you know how can i be a good steward of money i'll have some day and i realized i was going to uh in dental school for four more years in the same place and i saw i told my dad i said dad you know you know i can rent a place rent an apartment like i've been doing or i said we and the key element there was we could own a property together we can invest in a property a rental property and so he agreed now neither one of us knew really anything about real estate other than some books i'd read uh going back to books that we didn't have the internet back then jay we didn't have uh meetup groups or facebook groups or forums like we have today so everything you had to learn today learned back then was either you know live in a in a seminar which they had those or through books and when i compared and contrasted books about investing on wall street traditional mutual funds or index funds things like that and compare that with real estate real estate just made a whole lot more sense to me it number one is a tangible asset which is one of the reasons we like it so much it's uh you're you're backed by something of a tangible value that really never goes goes to zero it's always always going to be there producing as long as it's well managed so i talked my dad into to go in on this deal we had to obviously find it and to find a property so that that was uh some time in itself but we found it through a realtor and then uh did some upgrades on it i should say i did the upgrades i my part of the deal jay was was being the joint venture partner in the management capacity my dad was just the funder right you talk about private capital that's that's your authority my dad was my private capital lender i didn't go to a bank i didn't have credit to go to a bank i didn't have my own money or my own credit so my dad was the funder i was the managing partner and we owned that property together for just about four years and sold it as you mentioned in the intro when i graduate from school because i was moving on but the here's the epiphany jay is all through school as i mentioned i was waiting waiting tables at pretty nice restaurants and back in the day as you said back in the 80s 70s late 70s and 80s you could make some pretty good money in on a flexible schedule and so i like waiting tables it was good it was fun i enjoyed the camaraderie but what i realized was over the years i waited tables and made probably 15 to 20 dollars per hour in tips the amount of capital gain profit and i'm talking about profit now not the cash flow but the profit from this property my half was 25 000 the time value that i put into acquiring fixing up and then managing that property was about 10 of the time i spent waiting tables and i and made more profit at the end of the day actually capital gain profit which is taxed at a lower rate as we both know and so that was my epiphany that that owning assets was going to be the goal for me going forward now i was went on to into dentistry as you know and practiced in dentistry for 20 some years but i used the the income from dentistry to add to the leveraging into the portfolio of real estate in overtime that's what really set me free that's amazing you know your story uh is the same start i had i found my first deal back in 2003 um back in the day when they had homes magazines the realtors actually published homes magazines and you know i hadn't been any seminars i just read some books just like you and you know you talk about the a little bit of time that you had invested and compared to the amount of time you were you know waiting tables uh my real estate attorney way back in 2003 he says jay the great thing about real estate is you're not trading uh hours for dollars right you know even i mean i guess i don't know anything about the dentistry practice but i guess in some degree you're trading hours for dollars uh even even in that so uh well said now you started out i mean you you grew very fast to having this portfolio of 31 properties what length of time did it take you to go from 1 to 31 well it wasn't a a smooth step um you know i started out i think in my first year uh after i graduated from dental school and had my my profit i can i think back to the exact properties i bought i bought i bought i think three properties that next year um one was a four plex one was a duplex and was a single family house all right so i just kind of kind of covered the bases there so so i got started there and you know then i'd buy a house here there and then one day i was looking at a a house a sign out in front of a house that was obviously vacant that's that's how we found them back in the day you know there was no seo i wasn't using direct mail back then didn't have the money for that so it was literally you know farming neighborhoods right so you drive around you look for vacant houses you can still do that today by the way it's not a bad way to go and looking for a properties that you knew you knew the owner had some level of distress because well vacant properties never could right i mean that's just never good so so i called on this one house and found out as i did a little deeper actually this uh couple owned 11 properties in this particular area and they were from out of out of town so long story short uh i i picked up 11 properties and one chunk uh i don't know 30 so so what i'm saying is you know mostly it was it was one at a time but i did take down a portfolio at one point and every deal i did jay i had to use creative financing um part part and parcel what you talk about i did not go to the banks um i had to either get the seller to agree to finance um really some or most of their equity i would take over loans subject to which you talk about a lot uh i lease options some houses another technique obviously works well uh and then i started also to bring in some private capital the other thing you talk about so i used all these elements and really found that that real estate is a great vehicle but the real key in real estate in my opinion is not being transactional in terms of flipping houses or even selling there's nothing wrong with that but i think the real gold is in the financing that's what you what's what you figured out years and years ago that you use real estate as a vehicle but learn how to build out create the financing and don't be locked into going to the banks even though today we know that we are at a very historic low point in the interest rate market i mean we're at the low of the lows so i'm not against people using long-term financing if they want to do a take out and re-buy a portfolio but but i believe as you've mentioned that if you get locked into institutional um financing that that can be taken away from you as we know just like that and then where are you where are you then so i think you've got to at least be building out both if you're using one or the other yeah i couldn't agree more so when you started out in those first you know those first years you were investing and growing your portfolio what were some of your early struggles and lessons learned at the beginning buying the wrong properties which attracts the wrong tenants but you know that's where you start you start with you start with something that is easier to to acquire to negotiate because no one else wants it right i looked at one this morning it's been vegan for over a year it's got like 1400 square feet it's a 70 000 rehab yeah so so so you know you start with the stuff that that you can you can you can get a hold of right uh and again i'm using all kinds of you know creative financing but i still had financing i still had to make payments of some sort on these properties so i learned that that buying the wrong properties either the wrong layout um of property or the wrong location or combination thereof is going to attract the wrong tenants and as we know you know an asset is a great to have a business is great to have a real estate investment property is a great thing to have but gee someone has to manage it to actually produce the income it doesn't just show up magically so i realized very quickly that i needed to upgrade my acquisition um but you know lessons learned right i mean i'll never forget so i relatively quickly upgraded to better properties and i decided this is just for me that i didn't really enjoy many of the downside factors of owning uh a fourplex or a duplex i liked single family for reasons we don't have to go into right now but that was just me so i those first couple i had i never went back and bought any more of those because they were just more of a headache to me i love single family because i just felt like i had more control of of having the right tenants which is the key show up and want to live in that home that particular home excellent david just in case we've got some listeners that have to jump off before the end of the show i want you to go ahead and talk about your new book um and how people can get it well thanks jay so the most recent book published is zone your freedom for those who are watching i'll i'll hold hold it up but this is uh this is the cover i got one behind me on the on the bookshelf uh on your freedom i co-wrote it with uh one of my good mentors over the years mr dan kennedy dan dan is known in the world of business and marketing as a great copywriter but just also a great has a great mind about about money about finance about the business of money so it was during this um not a little bit over a year ago kind of in the middle of the summer of covet of 2020 when the the country was going through so many iterations of how to get through the gap right and all the stimulus money was coming out and i realized that so many people were feeling for the first time or probably for the first time feeling very vulnerable about their income stream which for most people it is you go to work uh in a business or in a job or something you go to work and you trade time for dollars that's kind of how society's built this up right that's what the education system tells the majority of people and people are fighting for the first time well i'm very vulnerable because the government um has has shut down the economy they're saying you can't go to work you can't have businesses open uh now they are spoon feeding all this money out there so maybe i'll get through this but that vulnerability i think showed a lot of people that they need to be building out multiple streams of income so the book the book is is very uh very built on principles jay it's it you can you can get the book on amazon or at the website where i've got some additional bonuses some interviews i did with dan about dan kennedy about the book but the key thing that i think i want people to realize is there's principles about freedom and one of those which we're talking about today to a great extent is financial freedom you know how do you build financial freedom because then that builds out the other freedoms people don't want to feel like they are dependent on a third party uh whether that's social security or unemployment i mean most people jay don't want to feel like someone else has to provide for them we all want to feel like we that we can provide for ourselves and our families but how do you do that you don't have just one line in the water you've got to have multiple streams and i i just found as you've found in many of your students that that real estate is a great provider of those multiple streams of income where you you can have an asset that produces without you having to show up and go to work for that asset every day now there's work on the front end and there's someone's got to manage it but but to the overall it can be a relatively passive wealth builder and passive cash flow generator what does it mean david to own your freedom so owning your freedom is is really you you taking care of yourself first i compare it with the analogy of when you're on a plane and the instructions we get from the flight attendants is you know in the event of the cabin pressure dropping uh you know mask will drop from the the ceiling compartments and the instructions are you put yours on first well why because if you don't take this it sounds selfish but realize if you don't take care of yourself first how can you help other people so owning your own freedom you know i'm not going to get political here on the show today that's not the point but the point is you know government today i think wants more and more to have us as the citizens dependent on the government that's kind of where we're going so i'll leave it there my point is if that's not where you want to be and you don't want your kids to be there or the people you care about then we have the responsibility for ourselves to to learn to own our freedom then we can help other people that want to be helped or we can help if we don't take care of ourselves first then we're not going to be valuable to help other people is owning your own or owning your freedom sort of like putting yourself in the driver's seat and not being how to how to put yourself in the driver's seat and not being dependent on government or being dependent on the day job that doesn't you know require you to get a vaccine or whatever yeah yeah in fact there's a chapter in the book uh uh who who's going to drive your car so i'm gonna just pick up on that very brilliant jay brilliant um you picked right up on that sir uh yeah who's gonna drive your car you know so much in life i think we we listen to well-meaning people um teachers or people in the community they mean well but i think there's many times an abdication of responsibility for ourselves or our families and so instead of stepping up the plate and say i don't need to know everything because i can't know everything about everything right jay i can't know everything but what i can do is i can be the orchestrator of what i believe i want my life to look like in all respects in all respects what i do with whom i do it with when i do it um and then also what you know how do i want to also have impact you know on the people i care about i mean that's something that people a lot of times i talk about legacy at the end of life well i think at the end of life that's that's kind of too late you should be talking about legacy now well how can you do that how can you think about other people and legacy and leaving breadcrumbs for other people if you're so embroiled in in trying to just get through day to day i mean we all start out that way in life we all start out as i was waiting tables and just you know just paying the basic bills well that's where you start but owning your freedom means you get to a point in life where you are solving uh problems for other people whether you're a great employee for a great company or you have your own business solving problems but solving those problems uh you get to own your freedom and never i never want to depend upon a third party uh to to to look to to to provide for my my basic subsistence i either want to be part of something where i'm getting compensated in different ways for the value i bring or i want to have that business that is solving those problems where again the compensation and other ancillary benefits to my freedom accrue so david in your new book own your freedom does the book give the reader um specific actionable strategies and ideas that they can implement that will actually move them towards um really being in control of their freedom um in other words your book is just not theoretical right no not all theoretical uh i i will tell you that you alluded to a little bit of my story uh i've got other real stories of other people that i have worked with or i know their stories that have gone through similar iterations you know a great deal of the book is principled on on real estate as a great asset uh but i i didn't make it we dan and i did not make it particularly uh tactical um prince principles concepts uh strategies it's really jay i think a book that apply it's really a book that applies to um all generations and all backgrounds uh because it's it's about really how we think about our autonomy it what what we've attempted to do is is kind of reverse a lot of the indoctrination a lot of the brainwashing that i think the government education system produces today i'm trying to produce a lot of worker bees we try to take that in and reverse that because i think that's a problem we have in this country today is is that too many people i think are going to school and coming out of school with the wrong degrees too much debt and then they feel trapped um and i think it's an awful feeling the place to be it's an awful feeling to have and we're just we're just trying to change that dynamic and say there's nothing wrong with education but the right education for the right purpose and not this just blind going to school and racking up huge amounts of student loan debt uh because that's what you're supposed to do it i think as long as people are following the majority the pathway that society says well this is the way you do it right i think that's wrong i think i think you people have to be discerning about how they think about starting with money but how money can lead to to the freedom principles in the book uh and how that can lead to you know a more abundant life that's that to me is really what's about so not a lot of tactics in the book but the principles are there jay so that they can take the principles and then you bring them down into where the tactical approach can be taken based on where each person is because it's hard to write a book about you know too much on tactics when you're trying to reach a wide audience because everybody's going to have different opportunities different places in life i want something that would speak to everybody but let them determine with filters of principles filtering everything so based on this principle what i is what i'm thinking about doing or or working over here or even in a particular investment is that the right investment based on the goals and i want people to be able to reverse engineer where do you want to be and so how do i get there right how do where do i want to be what's freedom mean to me at different stages in life and then reverse that back and say okay starting with what i've got right now where i am what i have how can i start making the move towards that and actually having specific metrics specificity to me jay is one of the key things in life if we're not specific about the dreams and the visions we have we just think well someday you know i'd like to be able to quote retire and that's not no that's not some day and retire see that's just very general but people think that way i go to work and when i'm 65 i'll get on medicare and i'll be retired it's like no no no no don't stop thinking like that you know you've got to be specific about where do you want to be milestones i mean starting with young people jay right i mean young people can start building their own freedom early doesn't mean you've financially got it all covered when you're 35 or 40 years old i'm not saying that but i'm saying with with specif with specificity on milestones that you can be making it can take the pressure off so you can actually enjoy some life as you're going along and not this thing well do i have enough do i have enough do i have enough because you know what jay people will never have enough that's my experience yeah that's that's amazing david um so um one more time um and we're not finished with the interview but for any that may be needing to jump off i want everybody to make sure they've got this website where they can get your new book own your freedom and that website folks is and david's also got some bonuses over there for you uh that you can't get anywhere else i want to go back to what some people call your moment of truth um one of my big moments of truth was in january 2009 but i want to talk about yours and you know i touched on it in the intro about your daughter jenna but just in your own words what did actually cause you decide to step away from your successful dental clinical practice and you know go out in this direction that you have now this was 2004 and jenna was recovering in the hospital in houston from her very um well very very delicate very complex liver transplant i mean any organ transplant is complex and so there was a period of time there's weeks where she was going through the the recovery period it's not you don't go in and get out two or three days later and go home actually she had to stay in houston for about three months because the recovery period in her case was kind of long and arduous it was during this time that i had a lot of time to think jay really because you know like a lot of people are probably listening today um we feel like you know we need to be doing something always doing you know we don't feel good if we're not doing something not making something happen or not making investments or or building our business or whatever it is we feel like we're not not doing the right thing and and yet i have my daughter there you know this is not the first time she'd been facing a life threatening situation she had gone through high-risk leukemia when she was young and she had a period of years where she had epileptic seizures so this was like not old hat but it was like kind of like wake-up calls you said my moment of truth when i really decide what am i what am i trading here now yes i was quote a successful dentist and and i fortunately had been building up real estate on the side but had i really been devoting the time the time that's what i call time freedom you know to what was really really should have been most important and i was not i was not i've been kind of taking things for granted we'll get through this crisis we'll get through this crisis but i got to keep doing because i'm supposed to be the provider provide security for my family and that is important but what i wasn't paying attention to was the fact that my family really wanted me more of my presence more of my dedicated presence so that moment of truth was when i decided jay to to leave dentistry to sell that practice i i made a decision while i was in that hospital watching my daughter you know on the life support you know that she was after the transplant and i just decided you know what i i can't keep doing what i'm doing right even though society says yeah you know you need to you know be responsible and oh i was responsible i don't think i was being responsible in the right way so i made that decision i said i'm gonna i'm gonna let this thing go now i it was easier for two reasons one i had a real reason why my daughter no one can fault anybody for doing something for their family member okay so i didn't have to have that guilt um like david what are you doing you know but the second part is i had also i was also blessed to have gone down the road of investing in real estate uh and that provided me a benchmark not not that i had wealth up to here jay no way but i had a benchmark i had enough to get through and provide for my family but most important importantly was to have the time now from there i would just i'll just tell the listeners today that that was life changing in many ways my daughter she did make it through that and she's 29 years old now that was back when she was 12 years old so so god's grace um shone down and gave the the wisdom and the expertise to the doctors to get her through everything she had to get through and i'm forever thankful for that i'm forever thankful for the family who donated the organs of their year old daughter who died in an accident and they allowed her organs to be harvested to give life to other people that that was a blessing the other blessing was that i got to refocus what was most important to me and having this change in my life opened up new doors it certainly gave me what i wanted was the time with my daughter that was number one number one focus everything else was secondary i hadn't even been thinking about what else i was gonna do jay not even thinking about it i mean i had my real estate and blah blah blah but i didn't really know what i was going to do well this opened up a new opportunity for me to figure out well who else am i besides a dentist who else am i you know when you go through school you get titles or degrees it's like well that's who you are well is that really really really who you are and you have to stay that person or that that identity for your life and part of the part of the book is no you don't unless unless you just accede to that i mean but no you don't so open up new doors and you know that's how freedom founders the community that you alluded to earlier came about i had no no focus on that i didn't say i'm going to build out some community and we're going to have a mastermind about real estate and building wealth and but you know it's just like it had to evolve but it would never have evolved had i not taken the break from this career path that i was you know driving away on because that's what you're supposed to do yeah um it's like you know do you want to find the opportunity and the difficulty or do you want to find the difficulty you know it's like so i mean it's like covet right i mean covet as horrible as it is i mean one of our mining carol joy's best friend's daddy just passed away this past friday i mean covet is horrible while at the same time this horrible challenge and difficulty has opened up brand new opportunities to serve people in ways that we haven't served people before so speaking of covet you know things are different on this side since it started you know march of 2020 look in your crystal ball and tell us what do you see happening in you know the public uh society government and uh what kind of impact do you think that's going to have on our economy uh coming around the corner well yeah that's that's a that's a deep hole to try to traverse here but i'll try to do it with some kind of grace here um so i think i think covert was a was a big wake-up call across the board uh for everybody and as you said unfortunately for some um the the ultimate was look they lost loved ones that's you know and you're right that is a tragedy no question about it we people lose our lives in different ways every day we know that unfortunately cancers uh and just tragic illnesses and accidents it's part of life and it's never easy to accept um but it happens but i think i think that i think so a lot of people started like i had the had that epiphany when i was in the hospital with jen here's life racing by racing by racing by racing by you know and all of a sudden we had this we we had the shutdown so people are actually forced to like stay home uh and reconnect with um family members i know that a lot of a lot of adult kids came home from school and uh parents were saying oh i got a second chance with with with billy and jane you know they were here for you know number ones and that was just that was very cool to have the family back together uh spending time with with kids just kind of getting back to like roots of quality of life instead of this drive so so that part changed and we know that for a fact because we have a lot of people uh that that are not going back to the same old same old uh they're not going back to the same job the great resignation as it's been called a lot of people have left the workforce and either older people uh have retired out and said you know what i'm kind of done with all that and so maybe they're financially okay and they can do that other people have decided i'm not like the book talks about own your freedom decided you know what i'm not going to keep going back to that that job i had to commute you know 45 minutes 60 minutes a day uh i'm not going to do that anymore i i've realized this wake-up call has told me i'm not going to live my life it's like i had to decide you know what's the trade-off i mean is the benefits and whatever money i was making is that worth what i was missing over here a lot of people say no it's not i'm going to figure out another way to to provide for the family but i'm going to be there for my family i'm not going to miss this opportunity so i think that was a societal wake-up call you asked about government so government um i just have to say government uses crisis as an opportunity to gain more control of its citizens um i could probably just stop there jay and and that'll be enough for here but i think what we're seeing is government is wanting to take over more and more of the private sector consolidation roll-ups um they the government wants to tell us what to eat where to live what to wear what where to go to work and what to get paid the government would love to do that so that's a movement that people have to be aware of that's again why i think you need to own your own freedom don't get sucked into to that um where's the economy go well that's i think that's what everybody'd like to know jay and you know if i could give that to you here and make it succinct and make it dead on would this be valuable to your listeners absolutely well i'm not going to do it lord you've got the same crystal ball i do listen listen i i think what we have to realize is that there are so many variables in the marketplace in the economy today that there is no guru no pundit i don't care who you want to go back to that we that we would all say hey that's an experienced economist or nobody can say for sure i think all we can say jay for sure is we're gonna see a lot more volatility absolutely and so back to why you need to have some principles on which you are building your life and your finances because volatility is going to be there sorry i interrupted you no you're fine as we wrap up david tell everybody about your mastermind group and who makes a good member of your mastermind group which is so the mastermind group is a group where busy professionals and mostly because i speak from my own industry experience is in the dentistry but i have i have dentists and other affiliated professional practice owners other mds and people like that only because that's who i speak to now what we do jay could fit for anybody who's in a in a business capacity and they want to learn how to build wealth through alternative investments which is what we love jay real estate so so our community connects busy professionals who have investment opportunities and maybe they've got 401ks and maybe they've got uh underdeployed equity in other assets but they would like to learn how to get that equity working for them and that's the whole key to financial freedom is you want other assets working for you that's what we love about real estate so so probably the the person who best ascribes to what we do is somebody who is relatively doubt far down the pathway in their own career um not that they're debt-free uh but they've got consumption debt under control and they have a relative amount of capital they want to reallocate into real estate we're not a big group uh we're about 80 members and i'm not trying to scale something big because i find i can't maintain the quality of the relationships that i love so much and also the quality of the connections to what i think are the most best and highest curated real estate opportunities it's a big deal for me to to to provide some safety nets no guarantees of course but safety nets and i can't do that if i'm trying to scale so um people can i put a lot a lot of content um and people can go to that's the the basic website for the community but i have a podcast which is the dentist freedom blueprint podcast which i'm going to host you on because what we do on that podcast jay is we don't talk about clinical dentistry so we talk about what we're talking about here today freedom financial assets uh that's why i'm gonna have you on the podcast because we're gonna talk about the stuff that we both love that's awesome david thank you so much for joining me i really appreciate your time and you have given just a ton of valuable information uh from your experience and i just appreciate you so much i know being around you and our and the other mastermind group that we're in uh you are a true go-giver you got a servant's heart and uh you're just out there to make an impact and i just appreciate you so much david thank you jay it's always a pleasure i thank you so much you're you're the same way you're one of those people out there that's that's changing the world in many ways and i appreciate the opportunity to be here with you today awesome there you have it folks another episode of the private money academy podcast i'm jay connor the private money authority wishing you all the best here's to taking your real estate investing business to the next level we really appreciate you subscribing rating and reviewing if you're watching us on youtube be sure to subscribe and ring that bell or tap that bell so you don't miss out on any of the future shows so we'll see you right here on the next private money academy podcast you

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