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Ray Dalio: Two Reasons I Don’t Like Bitcoin

i want to distinguish bitcoin  from uh the technology such as um   blockchain and those kinds of because when  we talk about bitcoin one might be referring   to either of…

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HOW TO: Shop-Second Hand for Frugal Fashion & Zero Waste Eco Style (Video 1 of 3) || SugarMamma.TV

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my channel. So, today I'm really proud to make this video for you because it's all about embracing zero waste and saving money on fashion….

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Ray Dalio: How I Decide When to Short the Market (Cases of Brazil and South Korea)

conventional wisdom let's see if you knew that  the president of brazil was going to be impeached   if you knew that they were going to indict  the previous president if…

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How to MANAGE Your Cash Flow & Budget for EASY FINANCIAL SUCCESS || Money Monday

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel. This video is an incredibly important one. It is how to manage your cash flow and budgeting. If you can master the art…

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Bitcoin Is Up, But For How Long?

The crypto markets are growing – Bitcoin is up 25% from $3,200 in December trading to around $4,000 right now. Ethereum has almost doubled. Is the crypto winter finally at…

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10 Day Zero Spend VLOG — Money Saving Challenge! || SugarMamma.TV

Day one of my 10 day no spend challenge. As per usual I'm having a coffee at home. Not wasting money by getting a coffee in a cafe. And I…

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Ray Dalio: Why I Am Very Bullish on China

i'm very bullish on on china china china has  four big economic challenges but if you're really   looking at the nature of this fundamentals  and the getting past those challenges…

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Open Blockchains for Cashless Developed Economies

Coming here is a great pleasure and great honor! This is my first time in Scandinavia. I've travelled to 44 countries so far, but [this is] the first visit to…

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Ray Dalio: My Alpha and Beta Investment Strategies Explained

you're one of the world's largest money  managers the world's largest hedge fund   how much do you believe your  meritocracy the way you operate   how much in assets do you …

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Hi everyone, so today's video is the third video made by Jordan from the YouTube channel, Always Improving. He talks about the incredibly important financial game plan strategy of debt…