good day fellow entrepreneurs and those who 
would like to become one in this video i'm   going to review a youtube channel of um quite 
young yet famous youtube genius nate or brian   he's in his early 20s and doing a youtube just 
for a few years but he already got around 1   million subscribers that's a pretty 
impressive result so let's see what   he has in his channel and what he doesn't 
have what he sells what he doesn't sell   and just to get bit deeper the youtube channel 
deserves a pretty good rating i will share later   on towards the end of the video so let's start 
reviewing the channel by looking at the first page   of the channel so the channel is named after its 
author which is a great idea if nate is to develop   his personal brand and all around it and uh it 
says it has about 1 million subscribers that's   that's pretty cool that's that's appealing so 
the channel header is also about the author   big author's name nate o'brien it has nate's um 
photograph and a little bit of what to expect   in the channel namely personal finance investing 
and entrepreneurship yeah here i can already spot   a small improvement point you see the face of nate 
both in the logo of the channel and in the header   of the channel is pretty small it's difficult to 
recognize even watching from my macbook so if i   look at it uh from uh from iphone i could hardly i 
could hardly understand who this who whom i'm i'm   looking at because because the face is just a tiny 
fraction it's like one force of height height wise   of the whole picture so i would i would rather 
make the face like half as big or as big as   uh as high as the picture to make it easier to 
recognize and to enable this trigger to work   even better so there is also no channel intro no 
special video that nate is recorded for newcomers   to understand about himself about the channel 
instead there is just the latest uploaded video   promoted in the the first page as humans 
we all have shortcomings and there's things   about yourself that you may not like things 
that you cannot change and this is natural   nobody is perfect okay that's of course another 
point of improvement to create a short small uh   video intro about the the channel that would 
help let's look at the playlists of nato brian's   youtube channel so here we see that nate is 
using this option and he does have playlists   which which help the newcomers to narrow down 
their attention and also help existing subscribers   to go and review certain videos and certain topics 
also i'm not so convinced about the names of the   playlist they're far too short like credit invest 
personal finance money so they do not really like   money it's the whole channel is more or less about 
money well even the minimalist videos are putting   money aside so here it's not so user-friendly 
user-friendly as i would like it to be   and that would be another small improvement 
point from my side let's look at the featured   channels and that to understand uh what channels 
nate recommends to subscribe so he recommends to   subscribe to his show kind of a talk show nato 
bryant show and also to his brother mike o'brien   and assert obam creators that i don't know much 
about so this is pretty logical he promotes his   second channel he promotes his brother whom he's 
filming together with so here i think it's it's   great and looking at the logo of his brother's 
channel mike o'brien you can see that it's this   is in line with my advice of having a photograph 
almost as big as you can have to improve   the ability of the viewers to recognize the person 
so uh nate can adopt some of these techniques   either from my advice or from his brother as 
well i don't think it would really make the huge   difference but you know these small improving 
points they kind of accumulate together and   produce some sort of an impact and they are 
not so difficult to implement aren't they so   let's look at the uh the main part of the 
channel which is the video section and um   first of all examine the publishing frequency 
so here we can say that nade is inconsistent   and sometimes he publishes every week and 
sometimes he has a break for more than a month   it might not hurt him that bad uh because a lot 
of his content is kind of evergreen content that   people are googling uh the people are searching 
in youtube and they're willing to watch it um   even if it's not the freshest one but uh of course 
that does affect the youtube algorithm and the way   um the way the videos are promoted we can already 
see that after a big break the videos have several   times less views than uh than they usually do so 
usually he has hundreds of thousands of views and   the last videos just got a few dozens of thousands 
of views so significantly less this is one of the   main risks of building a youtube channel based 
on a personal brand so we really need nate to be   to be in the videos and if he doesn't feel like 
filming a video for any reason it would be an   inconsistency in the frequency of publishing 
i also like the thumbnails of nate's videos   there is often a photograph of nate and his face 
which is recognizable for the audience i would   also suggest some to make it sometimes bigger but 
sometimes it's just fine it's more or less half   of the size height uh half of the height then 
the the the text on the thumbnail is rather   short and catchy and it's like a bubble read 
this it has just one two maximum three words   very big very contrast if it's a light colored 
phone then he has a kind of a dark background like   here with the money goals video so this works well 
i've heard in one of the interviews that nate is   still doing this all himself with the thumbnails 
and just admire his productivity of doing it   himself but overall overall the thumbnails are 
fine and i i'm sure they are contributing uh   to the high ctr rate so let's look at the titles 
of the videos here i like how nate is mixing the   necessary words which are important for youtube 
algorithm to understand what the video is about   and making the title rather short rather catchy 
not 100 for algorithm but also for the viewers so   how i became confident that's one of the titles 10 
habits for life so it's the old shirt we don't see   these dots in the end indicating that the title 
is too long to be to be shown here in this page   so uh this is great it it feels like he puts a lot 
of thinking into into the titles and i'm sure they   contribute to to improve the ctr the click-through 
rate of the videos so people click more often   with those titles and those thumbnails now 
let's sort uh the videos on this youtube channel   of nato brian uh in the order of the most popular 
to the least popular ones so and let's have a look   at the very first or the most popular video here 
it's about the passive income with more than three   million uh views was filmed a year ago so i like 
the sound quality very much i can see that nate is   using a label microphone and the quality is just 
superb there is a good lighting as well and quite   a creative one so he definitely uses some front 
light and he also has the one in the back to make   the background a bit more engaging we'll see how 
he how the background of nate's videos has evolved   but even now it looks pretty pretty nice also i 
personally like a lot uh the body language of nate   in particular how he uses his hands to kind of you 
know uh get the information faster to the brain   and easier to absorb i don't really know how it 
works it's kind of magic for me but i feel when   this kind of body language is used it's easier 
for me to to comprehend and to be more engaged   in what's happening in the video hey everyone 
welcome back to the channel so today i'm going to   break down some different passive income sources 
that i've been generating over the past few months   so i can see also that the only the frontal 
camera only one camera is used and of course an   improvement point would be to use a second camera 
to have a different viewpoint for the viewer   during the editing but even now is the one it 
looks it looks fine also i like the way that   uh nate is advertising his sponsor he's doing 
it personally with a shout out in the middle of   the video and and this looks kind of organic 
and um easy and uh i can really feel that uh   he likes the service that he's promoting and 
uh not just that he's paid to promote this   so this helps uh building uh the trust with 
the audience so if you promote something   uh the audience feels it's uh it's something worth 
checking out so sums up for this nade so in the   end of the video we can see that there are no end 
screens here added and of course it's not only   helping the viewers to continue watching 
other videos of nade but also it helps the   youtube algorithm and shows that the author is 
engaged he's using all the possibilities that the   youtube gives of course probably it's not the most 
significant indicator for the algorithm especially   seeing that nate's videos are getting lots of 
attention even without his end screens but i guess   it would be helpful and wouldn't cost much to add 
them also maybe after 10 20 seconds of the video   it's it's not a bad idea to experiment with some 
short few seconds video intro just to make it more   dynamic and kind of cut the uh the topics on 
the discussion so that's something to consider   for nate so let's look at the description of um 
of the video in the beginning of the description   we can see a short text a boss for the viewers 
which is because it's easy to read but and also   for the algorithm which is smart then the link to 
subscribe and the link to some of the affiliate   marketing site what i don't see here are the 
hashtags which would help to bind the video   together in a bundle so that more videos are 
recommended for the viewer in the recommended   section so the cost of for this improvement 
is almost zero but it might help quite a lot   so this is really a point of improvement for nade 
so let's move to the second most popular video   and look what's happening here so i see in the 
comments section that there is no comment fixed   by the author of the channel and i can find only 
a few answers from the author to the comments and   a few um likes with hearts and of course this is 
also important for the algorithm and i understand   it's difficult to be jack of all trades for 
nade and to film and to edit and the thumbnail   so perhaps some some kind of assistant would be 
helpful to answer a few comments to to like with   the nice ones with the heart 
like and in particular to   to have a a pinned uh comment with some question 
from the author which enables the dialogue enables   the the viewers to comment and to answer that 
question so that would be really helpful and   of course it does not cost that much as well as 
most of the advice i have in this video for nate   what i love about this second most popular video 
is the background sound is really atmospheric and   i would ask my friend who is into music to uh 
to make some research to find out what is the   what is the genre of this because i i would 
really like to perhaps use this in my videos   and this is this is a great sound it's not it's 
not the usual music that people use and the   background it doesn't disturb me it's virtually i 
can hardly hear it i cannot separate it from from   the words he says but it kind of adds this nice 
atmosphere and the fullness to to what he says   also i like the reach cinematics so this small 
video um footages that he installs to the video   keep it but you can spend it time is continuous it 
doesn't discriminate so being that this is one of   the most so whenever i start losing the attention 
of what i'm watching which naturally happens after   some seconds the new footage comes so the 
brain focuses again to understand hey what's   happening here it's something new and even if the 
footage does not really correspond to the words   as said in the video personally does not it 
doesn't matter that much it's more the the high   quality of this footage and that it changes pretty 
often it makes the video more engaging and more   interesting to watch and i'm sure it really 
does help the watch time to be increased   so now let's look at the community section of 
the youtube channel nato brian to see if nate is   using it to a full power so here we can already 
see that the last post was a two months ago   and then the previous one was seven 
months ago and they are not really   engaging all that although some 
of them they get lots of um   lots of likes really like thousands of likes so it 
looks like nate is not using this possibility of   engaging with the audience to its full potential 
so we already saw that there are limited comments   from his site under the videos but also here 
the community section is almost unused and the   other ways like the sponsorship of the channel 
the other ways to engage the audience and um   uh increase the activity of the audience are 
not used to the full potential that's a great   point of improvement here as the last observation 
here i would note that nate is direct about not   selling anything to the audience which i kind of 
admire because it's very difficult for a youtuber   to do it this way and he uh mentioned several 
times in in his interviews that he's considering   to sell some course some online training for 
youtubers nevertheless at this point of time   he only has some affiliate links and the 
links lead to relevant content which is   connected somehow to the topics and his channel 
so this i like a lot and this goes well with me   and most of the entrepreneurs would benefit 
watching this channel here i would remind   you again about the star system it's only 
relevant for the a grade a graded channels   so one star would mean that some entrepreneurs 
would find um quite some value in this channel   and this is recommended to watch a two stars 
means that it has a a great content and i ask   you to find some time to check it out and you 
most probably find some value in this channel   and three stars mean an extraordinary channel 
which almost every entrepreneur would enjoy and uh   where almost every entrepreneur would find a lot 
a lot of value in so here for nato brian youtube   channel i would assign two stars it's really great 
i like a lot uh uh the the topics that he talks   about i like the way he films and edits the videos 
and adds some of this cinematic ad video footages   to make it more engaging as the most significant 
improvement points to mention i would say would   be great to increase the interaction with the 
audience with the comments with the pinned comment   with the community section with the sponsorship 
of the channel and merge and so on also   we can see the background of the videos is a 
wall wing from just a plain wall with some light   to a to a sofa room with some edison bulbs and 
i would add even more um to the background to   make it even more engaging maybe a second 
camera if if he feels it's it's worth doing   and uh perhaps considering uh inviting other 
people and having some other people in the   videos to to so that the audience can see their 
reaction and that would increase the engagement   and the view time as well so i hope this video was 
entertaining for you and you found some value here   and probably discovered a new cool 
youtube channel for entrepreneurs   if you did find the value please do put a like 
and please do comment on your opinion of nato   brian's channel if you adore it if you would like 
to watch it if you have been watching it before   viewing this video of mine and i'm looking 
forward to seeing you in the next videos you

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