Money and Wealth with Jay Conner & John Dwyer

[Music] my guest today has got many awards and accomplishments and achievements he's an eight-time recipient of ohio nationals inner circle what in the world's that well that's the top one percent of u.s financial representatives he's a five-time qualifier and a four-time recipient of the executive council of honor and uh he has just got so many accomplishments he qualified for the 2017 gamma silver international management award and uh he is a master mentor of both circle of wealth and the break breakaway league he's the president and ceo of solid rock financial group and he leads the organization with incredible passion and vision he's instrumental in setting the pace in tone of what's truly possible through his dedication and commitment to advocate what he believes not only for his own clients but also through the mentorship of financial professionals within solid rock and the us so with that my friend mr john dwyer welcome to the show hello john hey jay thanks man thanks for having me on i really appreciate being here absolutely i'm glad to have you john and uh so john i don't know anybody better qualified than you to talk about how it is you are qualified to do what you do so what are your qualifications and your experience so i you know i've been well before we start i should probably start off just saying that you know because of the compliance issues that you know these discussions do not serve as legal advice or as a or a tax consequences or any opinion this is just a conversation about money and wealth so if you need to have certain legal and uh tax advice please seek out those professionals this is just more of a conversation so now that we got that out of the way jay i can ask you a question very good so um i've been in the financial planning industry for a little over 20 years and my background is when i first got in this business i was doing what everybody else was doing from a planning perspective and quickly on i started to realize that what i was helping clients understand and do from a traditional planning standpoint was broken and so the last 13 years i've been working with and helping people understand how wealth works and how money works and that's completely different than what we're taught to be true as it relates to traditional money management and finance right so and to your point the things that you're helping your audience with is is looking at things from a different perspective how to how to create wealth utilizing other people's capital and different things like that and so those are the things that we help our clients understand as it relates to how wealth works because there's a huge difference between wealth and math and especially money [Music] you

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