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Welcome to the Spoken tutorial on Linking in Calc in LibreOffice Calc. In this tutorial we will learn the following: How to reference other sheets in Calc. How to use hyperlinks in Calc. Here we are using Ubuntu Linux version 10.04 as our operating system and LibreOffice Suite version 3.3.4. LibreOffice Calc allows you to reference A cell from another sheet to a cell in the current sheet A cell from another spread sheet
If you have saved both the spreadsheets. Let’s open “Personal-Finance-Tracker.ods”. The sheet 1 of our file contains the spreadsheet for “Personal Finance Tracker”. I have added some amounts in the columns “Spent” and “Received”. Now, let us find the sum total of the components under “Cost” and
“Spent” respectively. Click on the cell referenced as C9 and enter the formula “is equal to SUM” and within braces “C3 colon C7”. Then press the “Enter” key. Click on the cell referenced as D9 and using the same formula find the total. Now, we will display the total balance under “Cost” and “Spent” on a different sheet using cell referencing.

Let’s click on the “Sheet 2” tab. This opens the new sheet. Now click on the cell referenced as A1 and type the heading “COMPONENT” inside it. Click on the cell referenced as B1 and type the heading “BALANCE” inside it. Now, let’s enter the names of the components under the heading. Click on the cell referenced as A3 and type“COST” .
Press “Enter”. Below “COST”, let’s enter the next component as “SPENT” in the cell referenced A4. Now, click on the empty cell B3. The cells B3 and B4 will have the total balance under the heading “COST” and “SPENT”, which we calculated in “Sheet 1”.

This will be done by referencing. To make the cell reference in cell B3, click on the “equal to” sign next to the “Input line”. Now, on the Sheet tab click on “Sheet 1”. In this sheet, we will click on the cell C9 which contains the total under the column “Cost”. Notice, that in the “Input line” the statement “Sheet 1 dot C9”, is displayed. Now click on the check mark next to the “Input line”. Notice, that the grand total of the data under “Cost” in the “Sheet 1” tab is automatically entered into the cell referenced as B3 in the “Sheet 2 “ tab. Similarly,we can enter the grand totals of other components through referencing. Referencing can be very useful to summarise data if there are many sheets, with a lot of data content. Now, let’s learn how to create Hyperlinks in Calc sheets. You can use Hyperlinks to jump
To a different location within a spreadsheet
To different files or
Even to web sites. In “Personal-Finance-Tracker.ods”
the personal finance tracker is in “Sheet 1” and the rest of the content is in “Sheet 2”.

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Let’s say we want to jump from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2. First, click on the “Sheet 1” tab. Here let’s click on the cell referenced as B14 and enter ”Sheet 2”. You see that the name “Sheet 2” is displayed on the “Input line”. Now select the text “Sheet 2” in the Input Line. After selecting the text, click on the “Hyperlink” icon in the toolbar. The Hyperlink dialog box appears. On the left side, let’s select the “Document” option.

Click on the “Target in document” icon in the dialog box. A new “Target in document” dialog box appears. Now, click on the “plus sign” next to the “Sheet” option. In the dialog box which appears, click on the “Sheet 2” option. Now click on the “Apply” button and then click on the “Close” button. Now, from the Hyperlink dialog box, click on “Apply” and then click on “Close”. The “Sheet 1” tab appears in front with the text “Sheet 2” highlighted in the cell. Now, when we click on the text “Sheet 2”, it directly takes us to the sheet where we had entered the balance for Cost. We have created a hyperlink! To remove the hyperlink, first select the hyperlinked text “Sheet 2”. Now right click and from the context menu, click on the “Default Formatting” option. The the text is no longer hyperlinked. It is just like any normal text in the document. Let us undo the changes. This brings us to the end of the Spoken Tutorial on LibreOffice Calc. To summarize, we learned how to:
Reference to other sheets in Calc.

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