How Forsage xGold Ethereum Will Work

Hey, our friends, what is
going on? Vitaliy Dubinin is here. Happy New Year and one
of the top leaders inside FORSAGE community and the first person to earn
over one million dollars with FORSAGE. I'm very blessed and grateful And I'm super, super excited for an up and
coming mega launch on the 3rd of January of a very powerful and long anticipated
FORSAGE Ethereum xGold program. And in this video, I want to share with you
exactly how FORSAGE Ethereum xGold works, how you can earn a lot of Ethereum with this
program, how you can potentially 10 extra money several times over with this
program, and how you can earn a lot of spillovers and how you can get ready
for this program and also share with you why right now is an absolutely amazing
time to earn Ethereum that already gained over 700 percent just this year, 2020,
from its lowest point. And why it is just the beginning, why Ethereum can go as high as five to ten
thousand dollars next year and the end game potential for Ethereum can be as
much as fifty thousand dollars for one Ethereum and will share with you
exactly how all of this works.

So FORSAGE been able to accomplish a lot during the last 11 months since the
launch in February 2020 FORSAGE Ethereum We have reached over one million and twenty
eight thousand participates participants worldwide from different
countries around the world. Life has been totally changed and the participants collectively has been
able to earn over six hundred and eighty six million dollars with FORSAGE
Ethereum program about nine hundred and fifty five or sixty
six thousand Ethereum. And here absolutely incredible. If you also went up a lot of value of this year and it's all been accomplished
through FORSAGE x3 and FORSAGE x4 programs, which we're going
to touch upon in this video. And very soon on the 3rd of January, we have FORSAGE xGold
coming and we already see the success of the xGold program on the Tron blockchain,
which actually now have participants earn over thirty eight million dollars
approximately and one point four billion Tron Also has x3 and x4 and xGold program.

So I'm going to demonstrate how it works and what are the levels on the FORSAGE Ethereum
now. This is a very powerful program. I've been able to not just
become a dollar millionaire. I've been able to really change my life and build a team of over five hundred
and sixteen thousand people inside FORSAGE community on my team. I'm able to realize my dream of owning a Mercedes E three hundred cabriolet,
which is absolutely amazing. You can set a goal
and achieve it with FORSAGE.

I set a goal back in April to own
a sports car cabriolet like tuition. I don't want Corera for us. I reached his goal back in June so
it can happen very quickly, guys. A lot of earning potential
right here inside this program. And what I love about FORSAGE,
one hundred percent decentralized. We can see the transparency of the code
right here on the blockchain. All of the transactions
are visible right here. We have right now of over three
and a half million transactions. And the code is transparent. Nobody can touch it or change. And you can start with little
amount of capital and grow it. There is a limited earning potential right here with FORSAGE and literally
this one hundred percent decentralized project and very simply
a very lucrative project.

So this is how FORSAGE Ethereum xGold
is going to look like. Hello friends. I'm Lado Okhotnikov When Vitaliy was recording this video, we still had discussions
about the cost of slots. It was necessary to calculate the most optimal option taken
into account all factors. The figures have just been finally
approved, which are slightly different from the preliminary version mentioned
in this presentation by Vitaly. First slot in xGold costs
zero point zero five Ethereum. The second zero point one, then zero point two, zero point
three, zero point five, etc. The last fifteen slot
costs sixty-one Ethereum. Undoubtedly, Vitaliy will have a new
presentation with up to date numbers.

But now in the pre-launch such a video It is urgently needed, so we are posting it without waiting
for the corrected version. Moreover, the main essence of this
presentation will not change. We have 15 slots available for you to activate inside FORSAGE xGold that starts
with zero point one Ethereum. Then it goes to zero point two, zero point
three, zero point five, zero point eight. All the way to ninety eight point seven. And you can see
the Fibonacci sequence here. So zero point three Ethereum is zero point
one plus zero point two. Zero point five Ethereum
zero point two plus zero point three. Zero point eight is zero
point three zero four and five. And under each one of these slots that you activate ones, you can earn
unlimited amount of time.

You can cycle an unlimited
amount of times. You have 30 spots here that you can cycle
and each one of these cycles that earns you every time the matrix fills
up, OK, you earn easily and directly a payout to your Ethereum wallet
that you control the private key. OK, this is amazing. And I'm going to break it down for you exactly how this works
in just a moment here, guys. So I want to take a look,
guys here about this, this program We have each one of these slots is like a decentralized real
estate inside the Matrix. You activated it once and then it doesn't
matter how you fill it with your direct partners or a spillover
coming from the team. OK, as long as you're the matrix is filling up, you're
getting paid directly into your wallet.

So let's take a look, guys, at this program right here and look
at the TRON side right here. And take a look, guys. We have essentially here thirty
places under each one of the spots. OK, so break it down for you. We have them on the first level, two spots
we have on the second level, four spots. We have the third level,
eight spots we have on the fourth level. Sixteen spots. Now there is one hundred
percent of the pie, right. When somebody activates a slot inside
FORSAGE xGold, that one hundred percent is being divided between three
different voluntary accounts. Somebody is getting twenty percent, somebody is getting thirty percent
and somebody is getting fifty percent.

Unlike the powerful x3 and x4
programs. In x3 and x4 one hundred percent goes to somebody
can be you or somebody else. In xGold it is divided. Twenty percent,
30 percent and 50 percent. Now this is how it's
divided on the second line. Each one of these spots,
the four spots you earn twenty percent. OK, so overall that is eighty percent. Each one of these eight spots right here
on the third level, you earn 30 percent. OK, so it doesn't matter if it's your personal partners or you get it
from spillover, you earn 30 percent. So that is two hundred and forty percent. And each one of the 16 spots on the fourth level, you earn a whopping 50 percent,
which you do the math. That is eight hundred percent. Now let's tally up and sum it all up and it turns out to be one thousand
one hundred and twenty percent. Now, the last two spots in The Matrix
right here, this 50 percent and 50 percent overall, one hundred percent that is being
held and used to cycle you and open up this matrix again, cycle into your
appliance a spot once again. OK, so we'll do minus one hundred percent because that one
hundred percent you don't keep.

So that gives you one thousand and twenty percent, which is 10x
a little bit over 10. So essentially you can do 10x on the value of the slot ever. Over and over and over and over again
of the value of the slot. That's why we say potentially multiply your money by 10x several times over
the cycle, unlimited amounts of time. So let's do the math on how
this is going to look like. So this is zero point one
Ethereum and right here.

So 10 X on that, it's one Ethereum
zero point to the next one. That is two, three Ethereum, five, eight,
thirteen, twenty-one thirty-four, fifty-five, eighty-nine Ethereum
you cycle on the ten spot. You earn 89 Ethereum. You cycle again another eighty-nine. One hundred forty-four to thirty-three Ethereum,
three hundred seventy-seven Ethereum. Now I'm doing roughly 10x, it's a little over
10x. But for the sake of simplicity here. Six hundred and ten Ethereum and nine hundred
and eighty-seven if they're almost a thousand Ethereum. Now let's do the math on that. OK, which one Ethereum right now. And the time of recording this video is worth
about seven hundred dollars. Ok, so let's do the math on that. Eighty nine Ethereum seven hundred. This, this is a sixty two thousand three
hundred dollars according to right now.

Now I'm going to show you guys why
Ethereum can go next year, 2021, as high as five to ten
thousand dollars for one a.m.. And being to be the case, that actually means that this lets
multiply by ten, six hundred and twenty three thousand dollars just cycling on
this one slot, one time in this matrix. I mean, the potential here
is absolutely crazy here. Just on the fifth slot,
let's say eight times seven hundred dollars. OK, that will be five thousand
and six hundred dollars. OK, and essentially if you multiply by ten
on the price on the theory of next year, that's fifty six thousand
dollars on this one slot.

The fifth slot. Right. And this one right here,
five thousand seven hundred dollars. That is three thousand five hundred. Multiplied by ten thirty five thousand dollars, this little slot right here
that is worth right now, three hundred and fifty dollars,
you can see that actually the potential here is much, much bigger than if you actually multiply that with one cycle by a factor of 100. Right. Because 10x you do on the value
of the theory right now with with the slot, another 10x is the
value that will show you in a moment why it is likely to go up at least
10x in the next 12 months. You know, we're getting a potential here
of thirty five thousand dollars with this one little tiny slot of 350
that you cycle one time. Now, let me show you guys, OK, as you see the numbers here,
if you're going to tally here, zero point one plus zero point two,
plus zero point three, plus zero point five, zero point eight, one point
three, two point one, three point four, five point five, eight point nine, fourteen
point four, twenty-three point three, thirty-seven point seven, sixty – one and ninety-eight point seven.

OK, that's two hundred
and fifty-eight Ethereum. OK, two hundred fifty-eight Ethereum. This is my main point, which is right now. About one hundred and eighty, approximately one hundred
eighty thousand dollars. OK, now cycling one time in each and every single one of these, that will mean making
about one point eight million dollars. And this is based on the
value of it right now. It goes 10x from here. That's 18 million dollars cycling on this
xGold Ethereum matrix just one time. This is crazy numbers, right? I know it's crazy numbers. And let's say let's go into and see that you can actually have your entire
matrix here field just by spillover, OK? It can happen. It's not a guarantee, but it can happen that you can get your
entire matrix filled with just spillers. So how does it work, guys? So let's say that essentially, OK, I'm going to take a look
at the more more empty matrix right here. Do you understand? So let's say that you have here, OK, three outlines in each one of The Matrix.

So you have three upline. So the first upline will do it in green So this is upline number one, OK? The second has also upline
which is in upline number two, and this is the blue team,
and here we have an option number three, a red team right here. Now because you
are part of the matrix of your upline number one, essentially your entire three levels right here are all part of
your matrix of upline number one, guys. OK, so essentially every person,
all the right partner of the upline number one here in the matrix he can feel your level one,
your level two and your level three. And those people from the green team,
if your upline number one, each one of them, they have their own matrix
and you're part of it. So they can go and feel all of these people, they can go ahead
and feel your level number four. So potentially here guys, you can have your entire matrix filled up
and several times over just from the team of your upline number one
doesn't have to be your upline.

pexels photo 4386321

That is the actual upline and drops you
to for a community. OK, because in each matrix, in each iteration, you have
different uplines in each cycle. So you can have all of this field just from the green team and 10x
your money on on this slot. OK, so that is right here on the green. And we have upline number two. He's also part of his team. So the two levels that you have right here, the two levels, essentially
guys are also part of his team. So he can fill with the partners
your level one and your level two.

OK, and the blue team,
they can actually go and build their own matrixes and give you a spillover
and feel your level three and your level four from the blue team,
from your upline 2, which is so in theory, you can have your entire matrix feel just
from the blue team, from the spillover, OK, and their team. So that's that's not that's not the end. We have your upline
number three here as well. So you're also part of your formula teams
upline number three on their first level, guys, so he can go and field your
level number one right here. I'll play number three. And now these people can go ahead
and field their matrix at your level number to your level number three
and your level number four. OK, so essentially in theory, you can have your entire matrix filled by
your upline number three and his team. OK, so this is how powerful it is, guys.

And also, of course, the orange team. This is your team. You can start building your team, the orange team,
your personal direct partners. And these people can go and build
their matrixes, of course. And you get a spillover from your team, your battle lines, and they
can feel your entire matrix. You can see there is so many opportunities, guys,
to feel your entire matrix on each of these slides
from a spillar is crazy amount of spillover that you can
potentially be in here. Now you have staggering and you shouldn't be going expecting
all the time of spillover come your way. Shouldn't be the one being a leader
and creating a spillover and sharing this powerful community
of forces with other people.

But I'm glad of showing you how
powerful this program really is. OK, that X goal program, that's why
people are so excited about it. And yet just cycling through several, several times in this program
is very, very, very powerful. So, for example, this eight hundred slot,
you can see the eight hundred transload over here and you're earning, you know,
one hundred sixty sometimes to him. Forty four hundred.

So this is the fifty percent of the eight hundred slots. So this is exactly how he's going
to be on the theory of science. How it is possible for Ethereum to go from where we are right now and about
seven hundred dollars to shoot all the way up next year to five
to ten thousand dollars. OK, I'm not joking. You know, this and the actual end game for
Ethereum is much, much higher than this. We can get to this point about fifty fifty thousand dollars
for for one Ethereum you. Hey, how it is possible. You know why we are going there. Well, let me give you some facts, guys. OK, etherial is the most traded
cryptocurrency, one point one million average daily transactions,
three and a half times more than Bitcoin.

And right now, Ethereum process more transactions annually in volume
than any other crypto. And you can see is the first blockchain to settle over one trillion dollars,
one trillion dollars. OK, now there is more developers working
on the Ethereum blockchain than any other coin and including Bitcoin there's and 2300
average monthly developer developers. And in the last three years they've been working on Ethereum 2.0,
which already launched and now have over one billion in either state on the Ethereum
2.0 platform, over one billion guys. And this is just the start. This is the bigger picture for Ethereum of the decentralized space, the derivative
space that this year has been 20 hexing. This is 20x hockey stick and all. And we went from four or five hundred million to like 15 billion dollars
right now, thirteen point three dollars billion locked in the
decentralized finance space. And everything is on the Ethereum blockchain. All of these projects
are on Ethereum blockchain. OK, this is key. This is powerful, OK? And this is just the beginning. I want to show you the bigger picture. Do you fight? It's one million users.

Ethereum's usage is surging. Ethereum is going to become
more and more scarce. And actually,
we are seeing right now Ethereum only investors are interesting to you
to have only a Ethereum and not Bitcoin. The defense space is completely changing factor for Ethereum 2.0 and the issuance
is going to be reduced by fifty eight, two percent to 95 percent
production on the theory, you can see if right now on the theory
at one point four point seven million Ethereum issued annually,
Ethereum 2.0 issuance is expected to be somewhere between one hundred
thousand and two million.

The year was most likely scenario be
much less than two million. So it's a reduction of 58 to 95
percent in the supply of Ethereum. What happens when the demand
rises and the supply goes down? We are getting much, much higher in price. Now I want to show you something that will blow your mind,
and that is if you visualize all of the money in the world and what
cryptocurrency Bitcoin in theory are OK, and compare it to the Federal Reserve's
balance sheet, the billionaire's gold Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft,
Amazon, Apple, Facebook, right.

And Stock market money supply global
that a global real estate, global wealth. But all of that pales in comparison with their derivatives
market derivatives market. The notional value is five hundred
and fifty eight trillion market. And that's low end estimate, guys. Now, what if just one percent of this market derivatives market is going
to be settled with Ethereum? OK, that one percent. Ethereum is gobbling up like 90 plus percent of all the derivatives
market decentralise finance market.

So one percent of this would give evaluation of Ethereum of a five
point six trillion dollars. Now, where we are right now
in the price of bitcoin Ethereum, we are right now
at eighty three billion dollars. So let's do the math on that. Five point six million billion trillion
divided by eighty-three billion. This is a million billion trillion
divided by an eighty-three million billion. Sixty-seven point four,
so sixty-seven point five and multiply the current price of seven to ten dollars
by sixty seven, sixty seven point four, that's forty seven thousand
eight hundred fifty four.

So it's almost fifty thousand dollars. I mean, that's that's where that's
where the potential is for the future. You know, five to ten
thousand dollars next year that's the low estimate. Guys, where we are heading was
Ethereum at those price points. You need to understand
the bitcoin is rising. You've seen what happened in November and
December for Bitcoin absolutely exploded. And we are just starting this cycle. You can see this is the month of November. This is the month of October,
November, December. Absolutely three very strong months for Bitcoin,
surpassing all time highs. And we are just starting this bull run just like in the twenty seventeen
within six hundred percent. This twenty twenty one, we can do easily,
you know, find the next Bitcoin. But I think etherial is going to
outperform Bitcoin big time and a percentage wise we are
not even an all time high. It's so right now is the perfect time
for you guys to lock arms and get started with FORSAGE Ethereum.

We have the academy courses,
we have the FORSAGE community and FORSAGE x3 and x4 programs are also very powerful. One hundred percent of the payment
goes to you or somebody else. It's more simpler matrixes over here. You're already familiar
with that and how it works now. And xGold is launching
0n 3 of January. I explains to you how it works and looking
at these numbers, guys, of where we are heading with Ethereum guys
and this is crazy, you know, 10x in here. Eighty nine Ethereum, right. When you see the sixty-three
thousand dollars right now. But, you know, give it a year, six
hundred thirty thirty thousand dollars. That's why this program FORSAGE Ethereum
I believe can make more millionaires. They already FORSAGE
as has been able to generate and create. So right now, get ready. Get everything ready. Downloading a metamask, OK. Or Trust Wallet, we'll get Ethereum ready for the most exciting launch of FORSAGE xGold and think about
how many slots you want to take. And you know, do not let your people
to surpass you on the slots because once they do, they get full cycle
until they get back to you.

So if you have, let's say, six spots, a six slots right here in the goal
and somebody in your team goes to seven slots and you go after him,
you'll need to have the entire cycle filled up until he gets back
in cycle into your matrix. So make sure that you do not
miss any income right here.

Inside FORSAGE xGold. Let's earn and accumulate as
much Ethereum as possible. Get ready for the next year. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding about how FORSAGE Ethereum xGold works,
make sure to pass it on for your teams. And let's get ready for this amazing launch of FORSAGE Ethereum xGold and crush it together, guys. Just in case, I will repeat once again, the final approved xGold
marketing figures for Ethereum. First slot costs zero point zero five
Ethereum. The second slot zero point one Ethereum Further, in accordance
with the sequence of the golden section zero point three, zero point five, zero point eight
one point three, two point one, three point four, five point five, eight point nine,
fourteen point four, twenty-three point three thirty-seven point seven
and the fifteenth slot sixty-one Ethereum. Total income from one circle of all slots one thousand seven
hundred eighty-six point nine six ETH.

Net profit from only one circle one
thousand six hundred twenty-seven point forty one Ethereum, or about one million
one hundred forty thousands dollars. If you count at the rate of seven hundred dollars per one Ethereum enteritis already
higher and will clearly grow during the year. Already at the start,
which will take place on 3 January. Many of you will be able to earn a lot
of money, so do not waste time and get actively involved, wish you
a fantastically successful New York..

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