House Republicans Desire Audit of Ukraine Funding – Investment Watch

by Martin Armstrong

Just after sending off cash to Ukraine for nine months, folks are requesting an itemized monthly bill to obtain out the place billions of taxpayer cash ended up put in. The newly flipped Residence referred to as for an audit of Ukrainian resources and a reprioritization to safe America’s have border. Consultant Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) accused the Biden Administration of bringing in disabled Ukrainian soldiers as “pawns” when negotiating for additional cash. With the current FTX blow-up, it is more obvious than at any time that these cash to Ukraine have been mishandled.


We have despatched billions of cash to Ukraine, but nothing at all has been completed to protected the US-Mexico border even with quite a few states declaring an invasion and begging Washington for aid. “We are wholly shielding yet another country’s border and also waging a proxy war with Russia,” Greene said. “We experienced 5 million people cross our border illegally considering that Joe Biden took workplace, let’s assess that to how numerous Russians have invaded Ukraine, 82 thousand Russians have invaded Ukraine,” Greene said. As I have mentioned in prior posts, the price of constructing a wall was insignificant in comparison to the value of housing illegal immigrants.

A deep-dive audit into the handling of Ukrainian cash would lead to Biden’s impeachment, but this could never happen as too numerous gamers would crumble. This condition is larger sized than Biden conjuring up his possess money laundering plan single-handedly, as people today on each sides have their fingers in the limitless war fund pot.

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