hey guys welcome to another episode on scholar 
pivot Adeola here again today we'll be going to   canada and we'll be talking about some scholarship 
opportunities at university of concordia   undergraduates as well as graduate opportunities 
university of concordia or concordia university   as the case may be is a university in montreal 
the french-speaking province in canada it's a   mid-ranking university i think it ranks 20th out 
of 32 universities in canada so it's not a high   ranking university that is not to you know talk 
down on them it's still a highly qualitative   university that churns out high qualitative 
research with um you know high high-ranking   professors and lecturers but then what that means 
is the opportunities for you as an international   student is higher even as a domestic student 
because the competition is lesser that's when   you compare it to schools like mcgill which is in 
the province quebec or compared to investors like   the university of british columbia ubc in british 
columbia um or invest of toronto so meaning   competition is lesser and so your opportunities 
are higher so you want to join in make sure you   stick through to the end of this video and see how 
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without much ado let's get right into the video so first off um undergraduate awards um there 
are lots of undergraduate opportunities um these   are some of the latest one first the concorda 
university undergraduate entrance bursary um so   for this particular one the academic requirements 
um it's for newly admitted students bachelor's   degree program also you must have completed your 
stream stories that is cgep or your career high   school or college or equivalent um in terms of how 
to apply um log into your student center and click   on apply for posters or scholarships so you need 
to have applied interpreting to this system before   you can apply for this particular scholarship 
and that's called entrance buster program um they   also we call concordia investing undergraduates 
in cost bursaries um for this ones as well the   academic require is the same but then you need 
to be considered as a continuing student you   should be registered in full or part-time 
studies you should be on a co-op work time   um or you should be on an authorized exchange 
program for that year um you have a minimum grade   point average of two point zero there's 
a minimum grade in average for this one   um if you are neither added to canada 
to concordia you are eligible to apply   as well the how to apply process as well is 
the same you log into your student center   this time you choose ada 2023 um of course if 
it's subsequent years you choose the next one   um there are also concordia application based 
awards um so you can find all these ones here   there's a list of them find them in alphabetical 
order look through them and find the ones that you   are eligible to apply for depending on certain 
criteria there are also external awards um   you can check out concordia university's 
um external award resources out here um   if you're an indigenous student you can find 
in general services canada there are like   over 750 scholarships for indigenous students or 
applicants to apply from you can check scholarship student um and find 
out from why iconic websites consort universities   canada website as well all these opportunities 
external awards and opportunities that you can   apply to you can find the rest here so they're 
all listed in the private school and the   criterias vary some of them are to the advantage 
of indigenous students some are to the advantage   or solely directed to say people of color you 
know bipoc individuals um and some are just open   to the general public um some are also based on 
financial need so you want to check out some of   this particular scholarship one of the big ones 
is this um the concordia presidential scholarship   it's a fully funded scholarship currently they 
are no longer accepting nominations for 2012   2023 but then let's look at the details um in case 
for you to prepare for next year it covers full   cost of tuition fees books residents and meal 
plans and to be offered for up to four years   if you maintain a renewability requirement i 
encourage you to apply for to push for this   towards the end of the year in preparation for 
the next academic cycle for eligibility you need   to have been nominated by a nominator and the 
school must contact you to apply um you need to   apply to the university for the first time you'll 
be studying the full-time degree program you must   be an international student who will be paying 
the full international tuition fee and fear it   um and you'll be starting your studies depending 
on this time around you are working since for this   year it has closed you'll be working towards next 
year so you'll be starting your studies 10 um so that's that the selection process you'll be 
nominated you'll be your application will   be scrutinized and then you'll be selected 
if you qualify um there's also the concrete   international scholars award this is for 
international students as well for the details   it's conversation and fees and it's normally 
renewable to four years if you continue to   meet your requirement you know requirements is 
usually your academic standing um for eligibility   first of all your degree studying full-time 
degree must be an international student   as well um in terms of how to apply um this is 
the form you have to apply you have to also write   a limit a 1000 word limited personal statement to 
express how you're showing resilience and overcome   personal hardship while maintaining understanding 
academic performance um so if you're coming from   an underserved background for african folk like 
i'm speaking african because i'm african right   for international students this is one scholarship 
to apply to if you look if you need ideas of how   to like craft your essays check out the link 
that in the playlist on how to write essays   um or check out the mastercard scholarship 
link playlist as well because they need this   scholarship that also focuses on how you've 
you know maintain academic excellence through financial hardship so you see experience of 
scholars who have done this successfully and now   they've won scholarship would you learn from them 
by using your own application as well um so those   are the important ones for as far as a graduate 
scholarship is concerned um for graduate students   for kindly for those who are canadian and 
permanent residents or indigenous students   um there are provincial and federal awards you 
can check them here as well the quebec the frq   um just check them out the ones that are eligible 
to apply to there's also these nscrc as well as   cihr scholarships um you can check this out as 
well this is the ntec is one big part of funding   for students whether international or um in-house 
or domestic student so and i find that domestic   students tend to win this scholarship more so 
you know go ahead and put in an application for   that um there are also entrance and what this 
ones you are automatically considered for it   as well for instance um out of province award 
it's registration for out of proving students   to keep it crit um there's also korean university 
doctoral graduate fellowships that's which is   valued at 14 000 canadians per year for four 
years there's also the concurrent international   tuition award of excellence it reduces tuition 
to the cubic rate this value that happens for   three thousand to one eleven dollars what this 
means is you're an international student should   be paying international fees but then you'll be 
paying the domestic rate and there's also the   concordia marriage scholarship so you can check 
all these scholarships out and see the ones that   you are eligible to apply to um also i already 
mentioned the main crs before there's also ssh   rc the social science and humanities research 
council um if you are accident should also apply   to the frq sc fellowship score the scholarship 
um yeah those are scholarships available   there are also assistantships i know 
persons who have won a starships like this   um some of them have brought them to this channel 
dr ahmed for instance he's a scholar um concordia   currently running his phd program um so reach 
out to professors you know if you're a full-time   phd student sometimes even master student they 
get assistantship so if you've got had a master   got any masters from wherever like i said in 
my last video um you know go and get that um   distance learning msc for instance if you might 
be able to move to canada for a phd option you   might not really want to study or anything but 
then at the end of the day it's to improve your   opportunities for mobility put yourself in 
a country where you're not able to you will   not be rich you're not be wealthy i don't even 
encourage that but then you'll be able to take   care of yourself and your family and you can also 
you know get some reasonable form of health care   when you need them so that's an opportunity 
that kind of that presents to you um so   those are the opportunities and there's also 
conference travel funding when you get into kind   of like you can worry about conference travel 
funding so that's that for opportunities at   concord university in canada i'll be dropping the 
links to this in the video description below as   well if you do have questions as always leave them 
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