A Peek Into My Grocery Shopping Recently

IMG 6604

This 3-Bean Chili Chowder is a family favorite and was a great addition to our family Christmas decorating night.

IMG 6605

Here’s the recipe from my recipe box. (It doesn’t call for ground beef and is good without it, but we added some in this time since I had gotten a great deal on it recently.)

IMG 6666

We used the meatballs and sauce and pasta for pasta/meatballs/pasta for dinner one night.

IMG 6817

I was excited about this sale on chicken at Kroger.

IMG 6819 2
IMG 6847 3

We bought this marked down Sweet Potato Souffle and it was NOT a hit. Not worth $2.49 at all, but hey, you win some and you lose some!

IMG 7026

I was excited about the deals at Kroger this week — especially a 10-lb bag of potatoes for $1.97!

IMG 7028

My shopping helper. 🙂

IMG 7030

I ran by Kroger one day last week when I had around 15 minutes to see what markdowns I could find. I was thrilled to get two full bags of avocados for just $0.99 each. The kids were thrilled with the pumpkin egg nog for $0.99!

IMG 7062 1
IMG 7110 2

And then I went back to Kroger when I had more time and picked up some of the weekly deals.

IMG 7106 1

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