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Welcome! Monetary Freedom was the first video we did. When we did the video, we did it with a lot of hope that all of our public will examine it and ending so will be able to understand what financial discretion is and will be able to implement it. And that it mainly turned out the method i hoped for it to is what I envisage. Because so many parties contacted our role likewise, some of them even toured our department and we discussed at length the whole concept of business free. And how to be undertaken in their lives we discussed it and did whatever implementation needed doing. And seeing that, i belief, i have done a couple of videos on this and i thought i must link all of these videos and are talking here about that So, when we talk of each of the video, we’ll show a attach of the said videos in a corner of this video In occurrence you haven’t seen those and when you do watch them you will get a clearer picture of it So, what is monetary sovereignty? Monetary Freedom is that we have some life outlays and we also have necessity expenses.In order to meet these outlays, instead of working daily to meet them our investments or any resource growth and the returns we receive from them abusing exclusively that to lead a prosperous living. That process of exclusively relying on that return is what you mean by monetary exemption. When we are free and devoid of any anxiety So, for kinfolks hoping retirement or else, even youngsters who think of retirement, it is not retirement that they must talk about it is how financially free can you be is what you must think In order to enjoy retirement we must calculate the monthly income we would like to receive and if we can get such a return then we needn’t worry about retirement. So, let’s see on the financial freedom and first get to the formula and then we’ll see how we can go about doing it So, firstly, its a formula Now on this we did a video and this what I’ll be talking about.So, firstly so we all have an expense for instance assume your expense to be 50,000 per month So we are only wrote the monthly expense so, if we have a monthly expense of 50,000 then if there is any income not the one we work for like interest or if we have a property and it is the rent of the dimension that “weve received” so all these instances do not require your daily involvement. It is just one time fd deposit or when renting out the dimension and the interaction around it that is all there is as a job for us.Now what is this called? Passive Income. We’ve also announced a video on this so if you haven’t seen it, it will do you good to watch it. So, let’s see what the passive income is, and gives assume it to be 10,000/ – so, how much is the shortage we get? so, this is what we get as shortage. so, what we need out of necessity expenses Necessity expense sense all like basically our food, our costume and guarantee has also been included like our medical or our expression policy on monthly, including all that that is. So we mustn’t have any more necessity expenditures so where must this 40000 collected from? Either you have a salary of above 40000 or else we must have a business that forms that money Either, this amount must come from any of our active income if you get above 40000 what happens, we won’t have any shortage, whatever lifestyle we have adopted maintain that.You can carry on without current problems. but if it isn’t that then if you can create a lump sum Lump sum money we have it could be a bank deposit if there is an readily liquidatable resource then all that value is what this lump sum money is all about So, lump sum can be 4 lakh, makes presuppose Now we don’t have an active income If that is the case, then how many months is impossible to be financially free can be calculated 4 lakh divided among 40000 is 10 months 10 months we will be financially free. So, if you don’t receive an active income we can still maintain our lifestyle So, once the 10 month is done then simply will we need to produce an active income. So, if you are becoming financially free permanently then only two factors to note, active income must be more than our expenses or we must have a very large lump sum money If that is the case, then we are able to exist without this active income So what are the things that can create a passive income? We have spoken of seven types of income earlier in our path So whatever was in that video is what we’ll be implementing So what are the active incomes? Now, there are at present charges like things that create and sell So, that which we develop and sell, we get a price And that is what is called a rate.So, if we have a biriyani doing business it is the effort and the amount of biriyanis sold that when we sell, we get a rate So, we get the rate of a single biriyani. That extent is that income is what is called a rate. Now, the next one is remuneration. Remuneration or payment Or else the income we get from doing a business. So, what is that? If we are employed, the income we receive is what active income is. Speaking of Passive Income Passive Income means we have a asset that we’ve given to rent.That income we get from the hire is what is called rent. Now, if not that then now if we have like cinema performers do an act It is a one time activity and however many times the public see it at the cinemas there is fee there. Also, on youtube when a video is posted however many times there is a view of the video and the money generated from such viewings is called repeat. If not that then we wrote a notebook we get a fee when each reproduce of the book is sold and that is called royalty. We write the book only once, that is the only job and post that we get the money and now, if we’ve done some speculations Investments in Mutual monies or stocks and bank fd and financings like that we get a return that too merely after depositing the amount one time that is the only job we do and we just need to monitor it on a regular basis.We are not working regularly on that. So, that is another form Now if we were to speak now KFC opens their supermarket for franchising so, where reference is rectified a business and if we were to start a right of it, you get an income out of that. That is called privileges. These types of income if were to create, we get a passive income And if the passive income generated is more than the regular income, then we are financially free. So, then we can live without any such perturbs. So, when income is generated, for sure we will focus on these two incomes but this income how we make such an investment and create an income out of that that is the time we become financially free. So, what everyone must attempt is how to become financially free. Once you are financially free, we can start a business or else we can do something else that we like traveling or there are some people who like to garden, so if you are financially free, then you can turn horticulture into a business or else if you are well hired and have already been financially free and want to start a business they more can think of it.They can think of all these things when they are financially free. To genuinely say, most people what they like to do the most is what they adore “the worlds largest”. But the problem will be that that busines may not be a god income source. But once we are financially free, we are not dependent on an active income So we are always whatever is the active income beginning, take a retirement from that and you will be able to go to your beloved activity. So, this video on fiscal discretion has been explained and on this i hope you have a better idea now and if you still have any uncertainties on this, then announce us, talk to us Now we will come in the next occurrence, with a same informative video.Thank you so much better ..

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